Executive Summary: DBR Properties, LLC is a member of a national apartment syndication group specializing in multi-family units in emerging markets throughout the United States. We offer investors low risk and high return investment opportunities secured by extraordinary real estate holdings. Our executives take undervalued or undermanaged apartment communities and turn them into profitable companies.

We Specialize in:
Class C – Emerging Markets
Approximately $25,000 per door
Value Plays – differed maintenance, improved management, repositioning, new tenant mix, etc.

Our Funding Process: DBR Properties prides itself in assembling the best team to complete every transaction with efficiency and ease. Once a purchase contract is finalized, DBR Properties commences the course of action for funding of the transaction. Through our extensive network of conventional lenders, loan applications are immediately initiated to ensure quick approval. Additionally, comprehensive offering packages are distributed to our widespread group of private investors with funds in excess of $1 billion. We make certain every deal is to any investors’ liking before it enters their hands.

Our Due Diligence Process: With our experienced team of attorneys and due diligence professionals, DBR Properties will complete due diligence comprehensively and proficiently, ensuring full disclosure. A thorough building inspection will be completed by a certified professional in every transaction. If not already in place, our executive will concurrently begin selection of a world-class management company and an on-site management team.

The DBR Difference: DBR Properties is unmatched in the industry in its ability to bring the best team together to complete every transaction with integrity and efficiency. Great care is taken in every step of the process to ensure every seller, broker, and others affected by the transaction remain informed and at ease.

Let our experienced professionals make your next sales happen now!

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